Shops wanting to stock Samosa Wallah

Samosa Wallah can supply pre-fried samosas suitable to freeze and sell chilled or frozen. We provide classy packaging with POS support including our jokes. We think they are funny!

We are stocked in several delis and food and farm shops. Our branded samosas can be sold in boxes of three or individuals, ready to eat cold, hot, chilled or even frozen. Contact us for Nationwide weekly deliveries of ready to eat samosas.

Three of our regular shopkeepers references:

“We have been stocking Samosa Wallah samosas for nearly a year now, in the deli and for deliveries. We have approx. 80-100 a week and many of our customers now pre-order or place a regular weekly order. They are simply the best and of course “Bada Sahib” is just awesome, a great personality to go with his great brand! ” 

Jo and Ben Pickton of Thrussington Village Deli, Leics.

“Fantastic tasting samosas that compliment our existing range and bring new and repeat customers and always sell out! Equally important, the Samosa Wallah team are always a pleasure to do business with although I am disappointed that they still don’t accept potatoes as payment!”

Tom Duffin: Owner and Farmer: Stonehurst Farm Shop, Leics.

"There are samosas and Samosa Wallah’s samosas.

A must have product for The Market Gate Deli at Market Deeping.

We sell them either frozen or hot to go. Your customers will appreciate the difference."

Stuart Stables:  Owner and Farmer:  Grassmere Farm, Lincolnshire

Local Samosa Wallahs

If you want to be a local Samosa Wallah in your area, frying and delivering a local home delivery service. Attending local markets and events. Supplying Samosa Wallah to local parties then maybe you would want to join Bada Sahib (Big Boss) be a local Samosa Wallah.

Pubs /restaurants

Samosas are the perfect snack to serve in your pub, hot or cold. We can supply you frozen samosas for you to fry and serve or prefried samosas for you to sell cold or warmed up in an oven.