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Samosa Wallah.....Bringing you Britain's tastiest samosas. 

With a light pastry and rammed with fresh ingredients,  nothing is more tastee than Samosa Wallah freshly cooked samosas.

Whether you are enjoying lunch, a snack with a drink, a lads or girls night in, or simply passing time in your favourite nudist camp, nothing has more kick than Samosa Wallah.

Samosa Wallah samosas are delivered nationwide directly to your home or esteemed office. Freshly cooked Thursday for delivery on a Friday morning of your choice.

Arriving refrigerated in special packaging, they are ready to eat with a three day shelf life.

Eat cold or heat in oven. (200 degrees for 10 minutes)

Suitable for home freezing.

Frequently described as "very very tastee".

Please note:

- to offer 100% satisfaction we offer no guarantee.

- regretably no longer accepting rupees or mangoes